• Image of Hand-Dipped White Copal Incense (set of 7)

Purify and cleanse with our white copal incense that was hand-dipped in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

This aromatic substance comes from the resin of the Copal Tree which has been used as a sacred ceremonial material dating as far back as the Mayan and Aztec cultures. Traditionally, this resin has been thought to have medicinal properties that clear the body of diseases. It is also thought to help to ward off mosquitos.

This natural incense is used to purify the energy of spaces and objects with its light, woody scent. It also works great for meditation to promote deeper awareness and to encourage pure thoughts. It is thought to work well in times of stress to shift your focus and alleviate feelings of depression.

Set comes complete with 8, hand-dipped sticks.

Directions: light the resin-covered end and blow out the flame to achieve a slow smoking ember. Please do not leave incense unattended.

Material: white copal resin.
Measurements: 9” long.
Origin: hand-dripped in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.