Issa Dixon picked up her fascination for plants as a little girl. Raised on a farm on a hill in West Virginia with no electricity, she’d split wood and garden for fun; her Special Forces Vet and Buddhist-convert dad, along with her SoCal-hippie mom, would talk to her about the practical uses of herbs and the like. Then a few years ago, she set to work fine-tuning this horticultural knowhow under Dr. Joie Powers (a retired neuropsychologist and noted aroma therapist). Issa bought a 20 gallon copper still, called up a few lavender-farming friends, and began blending. Of the 200 tries came three winners.

The hollow & ridge approach to essential oil production is simple: source high quality and responsibly-grown plant materials, experiment like hell until the right combination of therapeutic effect and pleasing scent is achieved, and keep things small. Issa does all of her blending and distilling at her farm she shares with her husband Franck in Berks County Pennsylvania.

She and Franck will be opening their farm to visitors, events & micro weddings in 2023. Visit below instagram page for updates.
Instagram: Francisque_s 


The quality and effectiveness of therapeutic quality oils are greatly enhanced when plant materials are sourced either locally if being distilled right away, or from their geographic origin – and when possible, from organic growers. Issa distills the lavender you find in every Hollow and Ridge product. Issa's lavender oil is distilled in micro batches to ensure highest quality of oil used in each blend.

To Use: Apply to pulse points (behind ears, wrists, knees). For quick effect, rub 1-2 drops into palm, cup to nose then inhale.