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Clarify and calm with our clary sage smudge sticks, hand-gathered and organically grown in Pennsylvania. Clary sage loosely translates to “clear” and was referred to as “clear eyes” during the Middle Ages for its ability to improve vision as it relates to tired or strained eyes.

The natural aroma has also been know to relax the nervous system to ward off sleeplessness, stress and feelings of depression.

Smudge sticks are commonly used in rituals to purify the energy of spaces and objects with powerful, earthy scents. It also works great for meditation to promote calm and restfulness.

Each bundle comes pre-wrapped for immediate use.

Directions: Consider your intentions before you begin the smudging ritual and keep those intentions present in your mind. Remain positive and calm. Light the unwrapped end and blow out the flame to achieve a slow smoking ember.

_To smudge a being,_ wrap the clary sage’s pouring smoke around from head to toe. Concentrated attention can be given to areas with heightened blockage. Visualize the negative energies fading away like the surrounding circles of smoke. It’s common to speak your intentions throughout the ritual.

_To smudge a space,_ walk the outer lines of the area letting the sage’s smoke waft behind you. Pay special attention to corners and areas surrounding doors. It is also common to fan the smoke throughout the space with a gentle turning of the hard or a feather. Once again, it is common to speak words of positive intention and gratitude.

Please do not leave burning sage unattended.

Material: clary sage.
Measurements: approx.. 6” to 8” long.
Origin: hand-gathered and grown in PA.

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